Hey, Who Tagged Brandon Inge During The Night?

Brandon Inge

To answer your question, yes they’re real, and they’re spectacular. According to WJBK-2 TV in Detroit, Brandon Inge got these tattoos in San Francisco when the Tigers played at Oakland this past weekend.

Scrawled there in cursive ink are the names of his two sons, Chase and Tyler. Some are questioning why the guy who is hitting .238, and is 5 for his past 40 with an 11-game strikeout streak and two bad knees which he’s been complaining about since the All-Star break, would undergo millions of needle punctures. Oh, you just don’t understand art.

I refuse to speculate where the tattoo will go if he has a third child.

Meanwhile, in New York …

Mark Teixeira gets another tattoo

(Mark Teixeira fights back the only way he knows how)