Hey, What The … Look Who’s Back, Eagles Fans!

In all the commotion over dog abuse, prison time and PETA protests, we’ve almost forgotten who the last person was to wear No. 7 for the Philadelphia Eagles. That would be Jeffrey Jason Garcia, the pride of Gilroy High School and one of only seven quarterbacks in NFL history with two consecutive thirty-touchdown passing seasons.

Jeff Garcia

I prefer to think that all of those No. 7 jerseys popping up in public lately were passive-aggressive cries by Eagles fans to bring Garcia back to the fold. And now with Donovan McNabb’s inured McRibs, A.J. Feely to the Panthers (seriously, that happened) and Josh McCown’s injured McFoot, the NFL’s most prominent recurring theme arrives in Philly to save the day.

Like his hometown’s famous crop, Garcia is pasty-white, often misunderstood and rumored to be good for your health. Also his play can sometimes be pungent enough to make you hold your nose — but more often than not he gets the job done, and never seems to get much credit for it. In news I didn’t read until wading through two huge ads at the top of the page, ESPN reports that Garcia was signed today as a backup in case McNabb can’t play this weekend.

Eagles coach Andy Reid on Monday confirmed the team has signed Jeff Garcia, a 10-year veteran who played for Philadelphia in 2006 and went 5-1 in six starts while McNabb was injured. Reid said Garcia is a good addition for his team.“We’re lucky Jeff was available,” Reid said. “He’s someone who knows this offense and has been very successful in this offense. He can be a positive influence on Kevin Kolb.”

That’s the thing: Even if Michael Vick wasn’t on double-secret probation, he still wouldn’t be ready to run the Eagles’ offense. Garcia did just that a mere three seasons ago, leading the team to the playoffs. But Philly didn’t offer him a contract the following season, opting for the Machine That Is A.J. Feely. Look where that got them.

This will be Garcia’s sixth stop in the NFL — if you count the Eagles twice — and you have to give him credit. At age 39 he’s opting to be a sideshow in the Vick circus, instead of staying home with wife Carmella DeCesare.

Carmella DeCesare

Oh, and it’s probably going to be the Raiders, as usual, who look the worst in all of this. If Garcia indeed gets to play and does well for the Eagles, and JaMarcus Russell sucks as expected, Oakland fans are going to wonder why the heck Al Davis cut him last month.

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