Hey, Look, Mike Vanderjagt’s Kicking In The CFL

Here’s to hoping the Toronto Argonauts enjoy wide right field goal attempts, because former Colts and Cowboys “kicker” Mike Vanderjagt was signed by the CFL team for which he kicked over a decade ago.

Mike Vanderjagt

And while the Argos’ optimism is admirable, it really does need to be asked: do they have a freaking clue why this guy’s not kicking in the NFL?

“Mike Vanderjagt is probably the best field goal kicker in the history of the game,” said Argos’ general manager Adam Rita in a statement.

Be… best? Is there a Canadian variance on the word that means something completely different than the American definition of “best field goal kicker,” which is “if you wanted one person to kick a field goal for you, you would pick this kicker?” After some clutch kicks resulted in extremely, un-clutch results with Indianapolis, Vanderjagt was released in Dallas midseason for going 13-of-18 on attempts and complaining about kickoff duties. Good? He’s the best!

And let’s not forget the “idiot kicker” meme that Peyton Manning laid on him years ago.

TSN continues with its bio:

“Regarded as the most accurate field goal kicker in NFL history with a staggering 86.4% average, Vanderjagt spent nine seasons in the NFL, primarily with the Indianapolis Colts and part of one season with the Dallas Cowboys.”

That’s like saying Scott Norwood was a Pro Bowl kicker who spent 7 seasons with the Buffalo Bills and nothing else interesting happened.