Hey Kids! Get Your NFL Cheerleader Tradin’ Cards

If you’ve yet to open that new Topps Jumbo Pack of NFL trading cards you just purchased (OK, lets face it: Your parents purchased for you), you’ve got an extra surprise in store. No, the Ben Roethlisberger card does not come with a denial of wrongdoing. It’s something better.

There’s one NFL cheerleader card in every pack. Yeah, there’s such a thing as Topps NFL cheerleader cards. Thank you, Topps, for inventing this years too late. Of course, you’re going to have to forage like a crazed homeless person to collect all 15 cheerleaders — there are only one per pack. But thus is the genius of the plan, as far as Topps is concerned.


There are 15 cheerleader cards total. Each pack of 50 football cards includes one cheerleader card. In other words, you’d have to buy a lot of cards to get the complete set of cheerleaders. However, several sellers on amazon and ebay are selling just the cheerleader cards on their own. If you’re looking to collect the full set of cheerleader cards, or if you were a cheerleader on one of those teams last year and want to buy your own card, make sure you check those two sites.

As seen above, I have no idea why the Dolphins and Jaguars are so overrepresented; perhaps Topps couldn’t get permission from all the teams. There are seven Jaguars cheerleaders in the set, six Dolphins, and one each for the Ravens and Bengals; which means I’m not sure where that Kansas City Chiefs card at the top came from. So perhaps this concept isn’t new.

But nonetheless, it should separate the men from the boys when card trading negotiations begin in earnest on the nation’s schoolyards next week.

I’ll trade you an A.J. Feely and a Jeff Garcia for a Dolphins Fabiola.” “Hey, who took my Amy? Thief!” (Fisticuffs ensue).

If you want to avoid the bloodshed, you can head over to eBay to get the insert set by itself ($7 here).