Heroic Bust Ends All Underage Drinking At ND

For whatever reason, boozy trouble seems to follow Mike Golic around. First, the roast for himself and radio co-host Mike Greenberg was overshadowed by Dana “Lenny Bruce” Jacobson’s vodka-fueled escapes. Now the AP reports that his son Mike Golic Jr., a freshman on the Notre Dame football team, was one of 41 people arrested for misdemeanor alcohol charges at a house party in South Bend on Sunday morning.

Mike Golic Jr. and Sr.

While that’s some measure of trouble for Golic Jr., it could be really bad news for teammate Will Yeatman, who has played in all three games at tight end for the Fighting Irish this season. It turns out he was arrested in January for allegedly driving drunk on a campus sidewalk. As the CHICAGO SUN-TIMES notes, the charges were only dropped after he agreed to¬† stay out of trouble for one year. Whoops.

Along with the two football players, members of the Notre Dame soccer and lacrosse teams were also arrested, but really, who cares about either of those two sports? I mean, what are the chances that anyone would ever care about a wild party involving a lacrosse team?

St. Joseph County police say they found out about the party as part of a sting targeting businesses that sell alcohol to minors. Talk about a feather in the cap of the St. Joseph County police force: I can sleep easier knowing that they busted some college kids having a house party - way to crush the criminal element. Go treat yourself to a chocolate malt, Barney Fife.

Honestly, the story is of interest because of who Golic’s father is, but in general underage drinking is about the silliest and least harmful way to get in trouble in college - even I got busted for it once, and I was a Dean’s List nerd. Honestly, wouldn’t we all be better off of these kids were partying at someone’s house where they could sleep it off if needed instead of going to a bar and driving home?

However, I’m a little less sympathetic to Yeatman if this is all true, based on his admitted past issues. Perhaps he could have avoided parties with alcohol until, say, the end of the year?

UPDATE: MDS at CFT reports Big Golic addressed his son’s arrest today on his ESPN radio show: “Mike is fine.”

Wish I could say the same for Ol’ Charlie.