Heroic Boy Reenacts Illegal Backyard Deer Tackle

We mentioned this in SbB Live when it happened, but enterprising television reporters have sought out young deer attack survivor Brandon Hiles, 7, and had him recreate the moment when the usually-docile woodland creature tackled him during a backyard football game.

Brandon Hiles

There’s Brandon above, showing how the deer wrestled him to the ground and stripped the ball, causing a costly turnover for the humans. Brandon had been playing football in his Wintersville, Ohio yard with friends when the deer, disregarding the three-alligator rush rule, pounced unexpectedly.

From KDKA TV-2 in Pittsburgh:

The incident happened Saturday when Brandon Hiles, 7, went to retrieve a ball that had rolled into the woods in Wintersville, Ohio.

“The deer started charging at me and then it hit me in the back of the leg and then I flipped over,” Hiles said.

His friend Wyatt Pugh, 9, stepped in.

“I saw that the deer was attacking him so I hurried up, grabbed a stick and started beating it hard as I could,” Pugh said. “I was swinging like I had a sword in my hand.”

The deer eventually backed off and Brandon was able to get away. He suffered bruises and a gash during the incident.

(Deer attacks Cleveland Browns coach Eric Mangini)

As we see in an excerpt from the syndicated comic strip Mark Trail, above, such attacks are more frequent than one might believe. When playing football near wooded areas, one must always be on the lookout for rogue deer.

Mark Trail

It’s all in here, people. I never play backyard football without my handy Mark Trail Living on the Wild Side Responsibly handbook. (Also doubles as Oakland Raiders play chart).

And of course don’t forget the sequel: