Herm Edwards Continues 27-Year Boycott of Super Bowl

For the 27th year, Herman Edwards will neither participate in nor watch the Super Bowl. See, he’s boycotting the event until he gets to participate.

Seems he’s not aware that Super Bowl entertainment will be provided by Prince and Billy Joel.

“I’m going to watch the national anthem. I’m going to watch those guys (Love Smith & Tony Dungy) and the national anthem. Then I don’t know what I’m going to do. Last year I went to a movie,” said Edwards.

At some point in Herm’s career, I bet this seemed like a reasonable boycott. It was probably one of those “This’ll make it that much sweeter when I finally arrive” types of things.

herm edwards

But there’s one flaw in Edwards’ plan: he’s one of the worst in-game managers of all time.

He must’ve forgotten to ask the devil to fix that little issue when selling his soul to land these head coaching gigs.