Here’s Your Cowboys Seat, Sir - Enjoy The Game!

I’m not sure how much this seat is going for, but knowing Jerry Jones you’ll have to lease it for the entire season and pay extra if you happen to smudge the wall. From WAYNER.ORG via GEEKBRIEFTV, we present the worst seat at the new Cowboys Stadium. Some prefer to see the Cowboys game as 80 percent empty, but we prefer to see it as 20 percent full.

This is a real seat in Jerry’s new $1.15 billion playhouse, perfect for loners, or fans who are only interested in their team’s red zone offense. In the second half. Quite a letdown for the poor chump who drove all the way to Arlington to take in one of the iconic views in all of sports. I wonder, what would other classic American views look like from this seat? The results are after the jump.

(Mount Rushmore)

(Beatles concert)

(Lincoln assassination)

(The Last Supper)

(Danica Patrick)

(The Battle of Trafalgar as seen from Section 433, Row 13 of Lucas Oil Stadium)