Here’s My Insurance Card And A Knuckle Sandwich

I think we know by this point that nothing good ever happens in a college town at 2:30 a.m. The best that you’re going to find is some engineering student desperately cramming for a test the next morning, and more likely than not there’s nothing but high jinx, tomfoolery, insipidity and God knows what else going on.

Jamar Hornsby

So when a trouble magnet like former Florida football player Jamar Hornsby - kicked off the Gators after stealing a dead student’s credit card - is out at 2:30 a.m., all bets are definitely off. The STARKSVILLE DAILY NEWS reports that Hornsby’s blown the second chance offered to him by Ole Miss, as Houston Nutt booted him on Friday following his indictment on charges stemming from a March 1 fight at a McDonald’s parking lot.

Hornsby allegedly got into a fender bender with another driver while in line for the drive-thru. Detectives say that as they were pulled over discussing the accident, Hornsby decided to exchange more than insurance information; specifically, reached into the victim’s car and allegedly exchanged money from his wallet for a punch in the face before his friends joined in.

The original police report claimed that Hornsby had used brass knuckles during the assault, a claim that Hornsby denied. The indictment had no mention of brass knuckles, a fact that somehow makes his attorney Steven Farese tell the NEMS DAILY HOURNAL that he thinks that Hornsby will be in less trouble in Florida, where he’s on probation for stealing the credit card of a friend killed in a crash and running up more than $3,000 in gas charges.

“I think this sheds a different light on his probation,” Farese said. “If I were a judge, I might cock my head a little bit on the probation issue. All along he has said this was nothing more than a fist fight.”

I agree: if I were a judge, I would definitely “cock my head” at Hornsby if he appeared before me on a probation violation, although not in a positive way.