Herbstreit’s View Inside College GameDay Truck

For those of you who wonder how the ESPN College Gameday crew tracks all those games on the road, here’s a shot inside the ESPN College GameDay truck today.

View Inside ESPN College Gameday Truck

(After the jump, pic of Trojans walk-thru at South Bend hotel this morning)

Gameday observations today: Corso looks good, hanging in there. He’s doing a lot better than I think people give him credit for. Not quite as razor sharp, but I don’t think there’s much of a dropoff. I wonder though if ESPN will ease him out after this season. I’m guessing the other cast members will push had to keep him on-set, which, unless Corso isn’t healthy, they really should. This isn’t brain surgery. (Sorry.)

Unfortunate timing today with the Gameday set on the field. The cast was making their picks when the Longhorn Band started belting out the national anthem. Gameday producers needed to bogart one of those “don’t re-start the game yet!” sideline flags to silence the band. Corso put on the Texas mascot head right as the anthem wrapped and the crowd going wild. Strange moment.

ESPN 710’s Steve Mason Tweets this photo of USC at the team hotel this morning:

USC Trojans walk-thru at South Bend Hotel before Notre Dame game

Somehow I think they did better than a crappy Continental breakfast.