Help Me Illuminate My Fantasy Sports Blindspot

When fantasy sports first came out, I was in college and all over it. For a guy with all the time in the world, it was nirvana. (I also who replayed the entire NHL playoffs one semester on a Strat-O-Matic board game with my roommate. Fun!)

fantasy football

(No, not THAT fantasy)

But even back then, in the EARLY 90s, I could see the strain it would have on other guys in the league. More specifically, the negative reax of their spouses. (”Honey, that college kid is on the phone AGAIN!”)

I’ve long since stopped playing, I don’t have the time. I like Vitamin D (sunlight). Of course, now fantasy football is nearly as big as the games themselves. So I want to ask a few questions to find out what I’m really missing. This isn’t to demean fantasy sports players, I’ve just disconnected from it and I’m trying to understand now why it’s so huge. Thanks gents.

Why do you play Fantasy Sports?

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How has Fantasy sports affected your relationship with your partner?

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How has Fantasy sports affected your relationship with your favorite teams?

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Do you think Fantasy Sports has been good for the major pro leagues

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Fantasy Sports is…

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I hate people who dump on something just because they don’t understand why so many people participate in it. Like the common, old foggie reax you hear about Twitter. Or new music.

My prevailing thought on why it’s so big is because the media and leagues embrace and promote it. (I know, kinda obvious.)

That’s probably the primary reason I don’t play. Or watch TV. Or listen to music radio.