Helio Castroneves “Forgot” To Pay $5M In Taxes

The only man to ever win both a reality ballroom dancing competition and the Indianapolis 500 is in a bit of hot water with the folks at the IRS. Indy Car/Tango star Helio Castroneves has neglected to pay more than $5 million of taxes that he’s owed the U.S. Government over the past four years, according to U.S. authorities.

Helio Castroneves

Castroneves has been indicted along with his sister and his attorney in what is being described as a “tax-evasion scheme,” according to the MIAMI HERALD. They’re expected to make court appearances tomorrow in Miami. I’m sure this will all be cleared up very soon. I mean, who doesn’t forget to pay $5 million every once in a while?

Castroneves would be just another anonymous IndyCar driver constantly being asked about what Danica Patrick is doing if not for his winning performance on “Dancing With the Stars” last year. Perhaps we should have become a little more suspicious when we saw him having dinner with Wesley Snipes and Willie Nelson.

The INDIANAPOLIS STAR’s Curt Cavin writes that Helio’s racing team knew that this was coming:

“We knew about it, obviously, in advance,” said Bud Denker, the executive vice president of Penske Racing. “As a result of that, we will get (the indictment), review it and move forward.

“Right now we’re business as usual.”

The HERALD went on to describe Castroneves’ prize possessions, which will probably be available soon at auction:

At his Coral Gables home, he keeps three large trophies on three stone columns in front of a window overlooking his front patio.

”My Dancing with the Stars trophy is the one in the middle. I love that disco ball,” Castroneves recently told a Miami Herald reporter.

Among other legal defenses, Castroneves is considering just climbing a really tall fence where nobody can get him and hoping the whole thing goes away.  He’s also mulling marrying an Ashley Judd lookalike and using the “I don’t know what you’re talking about, I’m Dario Franchitti” defense.

Dario and Helio

Can you tell us apart?