HemiGirl Resigns From Lingerie Football League!

Lost amidst all of this recent Brett Favre news is the sudden retirement of a quarterback which actually interests me. Sadly, the New York Majesty will be without their projected starting quarterback, Melissa Anne Teixeira (also known as HemiGirl) in its upcoming Lingerie Football League season.

Heimi Girl and Tony Siragusa

Miss Teixeira, you see, is from Massachusetts, and had been scheduled to play for the New England Euphoria. But the LFL wanted her to transfer to New York. No go. (In case this photo of her with Tony Siragusa doesn’t appeal to you, there’s plenty more of her without Tony after the jump).

Hemi Girl Melissa Anne Teixeira

Excerpts from HemiGirl’s official resignation letter, as presented on her blog:

While the publicity was appreciated, press can not be put in my wallet. It seems that I have already come out of pocket to be a part of this league and I can not continue to do so.

Hemi Girl Melissa Anne Teixeira

This is the most honest & sincere decision that I can make. With everything in mind, I would like to say that I need to wait out the inaugural LFL season while anticipating the possible return of the New England Euphoria.

Hemi Girl Melissa Anne Teixeira

Drawing a fan base from New England while playing for a New York team would not only be difficult, but it would be unfair and would take away from the team, as I would not be able to successfully contribute to the goal of ticket sales and promotion.

Hemi Girl Melissa Anne Teixeira

The fans of New England are true to themselves and their teams, and I would like to remain a part of New England as this is my home. I am a New England fan and forever will be.

I've got a lovely bunch of coconuts ...

Tough luck for the New York Majesty. Maybe they can get Kim Kardashian under center instead. Just check out her mad bikini football skillz:

Kim Kardashian beach football

Of course Teixeira probably doesn’t realize it now, but resigning rather than play in New York is going to make her a hero in the Boston area.