Fans Up The Stalking Ante On Red Sox Reporter

Heidi Watney is quite popular with Red Sox Nation. And by “quite popular”, I mean “in danger of being stalked repeatedly”. Such is the life of an attractive NESN reporter.

Heidi Watney

And, as covered by RED SOX MONSTER, the Watney love is only growing stronger within RSN lately. That’s right, the “number one” Heidi Watney fan site has been fired up. But wait! There’s more! Even Fenway employees are gawking, too!

The site,, bills itself as “The #1 Heidi Watney Fan Site,” and who am I to argue? It includes still shots from her appearances on NESN, several videos and a swell photo banner, so clearly it must be No. 1, right?

Uh, clearly. Okay, a few quick things about this fan site. First, it has a link to an “unofficial Heidi Watney Myspace” page. That is effing creepy as hell.

Secondly, how much can you really do with this outside the realm of restraining orders? I mean, it’s great, yeah, and she’s really attractive, but unless you plan on popping up every evening’s Red Sox postgame, it seems a little over the top. Also, there are no articles.

Of course, maybe it was just started by this gentleman:


Clearly, he could care less what the world thinks about his passion for Ms. Watney and her physical appearance. (Hey, man … you’re ON THE FIELD AT FENWAY. There’s a good chance someone is looking at you. Suite Jebus.)