Heidi Watney New First Lady Of Red Sox Nation

Thanks to blogs like this one, the practice of overrating semi-attractive women because they report on sports is now in full bloom (one exception). Especially culpable in this endeavor are Red Sox fans.

Heidi Watney

(One of few Fenway bombshells Manny won’t be responsible for)

In the wake of the departures of Tina Cervasio and Hazel Mae, the latest slobberfest has ensued in New England, where a woman named Heidi Watney has just signed on as a Red Sox reporter for NESN.

She’s a former teen beauty queen who was most recently a sports reporter and “independent” model based in Fresno. And from the looks of these (crappy) scans, she’s legit.

Heidi Watney

We’d love to see the stats for Google image searches on her since Red Sox Nation was made aware of her hire. We’re also assuming that cell phone camera sales have since gone through the roof in Greater Boston.

Happy hunting Bosox fans!