Sneaking A Peek At Heather Mitts’ Olympic Diary

In just a few days, the 2008 Summer Games finally get going in Beijing. And even a few days before that (i.e. tomorrow, August 6th), Olympic soccer competition kicks off. So, how have the American teams been faring during the lead up to the games? More importantly, how has the women’s team been doing? Most importantly, how is Heather Mitts holding up?

Heather Mitts US soccer

Lucky for us, the soccer siren has her own blog to keep everyone up to date on her latest travels & travails. This week, she describes the anticipation of stepping on the pitch for the first round of games.

The U.S. gals have been in China since July 25, so she’s ready to start playing. But because soccer starts earlier, Heather & her teammates will miss out on the Opening Ceremonies (which should actually make the ladies breather a little easier).

So, what have Heather & co. been up to in the meantime?

The staff and coaches have been performing skits to keep the mood light. We were treated to hour foot massages the other day, which was a nice surprise. Since the food isn’t quite what it is at home, we were treated to ice-cream sundaes from good old McDonald’s last night, which made many of us very happy. Its the little things that make all the difference!

The same McDonald’s that wants China to win it all? Be careful, Heather! Those sundaes might be contaminated with steroids or MSG!

Heather Mitts

But if we would have known, we could have flown over and lent a hand with the foot massages. We would’ve considered it our patriotic duty.

Anyway, Heather informs us when we can catch the girls in action:

One more light day of practice, then we take on Norway on August 6 at 7:45 a.m. on MSNBC. The game will be re-aired on Universal HD at 8 p.m, and then 10:30 later that night.

Ah yes, MSNBC. They certainly know quality when they see it.

One down, five to go ’til the Gold! Looking for #2 for my collection. This one will mean a lot more since my playing time will be a little more extensive than the last Olympics! Hope you can find time to cheer us on.

Wednesday at 7:45 a.m.? Yeah, we’ll probably still be up. If not, we still say - Go get ‘em, girls! Bring home the gold! U-S-A! U-S-A!

And here’s hoping we witness another Brandi Chastain moment.

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