A’s Player Picks Potty As Best Part of Japan Trip

Emil Brown of the Oakland A’s was asked what was his favorite part about the 2008 Opening Day trip to Tokyo. The food? The nightlife? The weird things sold in vending machines?

Brown flushed all those choices away when he gave his definitive answer:

Emil Brown Oakland Athletics Japanese Heated Toilet

The toilets are the best.”

Jeff Passan of YAHOO SPORTS reports how Japan’s sanitary technology made a lasting impression on Brown and some of his Oak-town teammates.

Sure, it was nice that Brown hit a three-run homer and was named MVP of the A’s 5-1 win over the Red Sox on Wednesday. But nothing could compare to the sensation Emil felt when he went to take … care of business:

For nearly a week, every time Brown sat on the can, a heated seat toasted his buns.

“Do we have those?” Brown asked. “I mean, they’re, like, way ahead of us as far as …”

Toilet technology?

“… putting stuff out there.”

Before joining Oakland in the off-season, Brown spent the past three years with the Kansas City Royals - so he’s already an expert in dealing with crap.

A’s pitcher Huston Street also admired the comfort of the Japanese john, although he had to head down the street to experience it:

“My room’s toilet was broken,” he said, “but I took full advantage here at the field and the department stores. I’d sit down just to appreciate them.”

Heated toilet seats. What does Furman Bisher think of the Far East now?