He Hates Mullets; Loves Red Sox, Robbing Banks

I used to think that Woody Allen’s character in “Take the Money and Run” was the worst bank robber ever. For one thing, he’s foiled during one attempt when he misspells the robbery note. “‘No sudden moves, I’ve got a gub.’ What’s a gub?” But Boston area bank robbers may have that beat. Meet William Donovan, who has poured himself a gigantic heaping bowl of bank robbery fail.

William Donovan

Donovan, genius that he is, decided that it would be a good idea to rob two banks on two different days while wearing the same clothes, including a Boston Red Sox hat and a T-shirt that reads “Mullet Removal Team.” Who could possibly identify me? But this story only gets better.

After a second bank job in Milton, Donovan was walking out of the bank when a dye pack exploded. He then tried to flee the scene on his Vespa scooter, but crashed and was scooped up by police. From FOX-TV in Boston:

An alleged bank robbery went awry in Milton on Wednesday when the suspect crashed his Vespa while fleeing the scene. Now, police say the man’s t-shirt may link him to another robbery earlier this month.

William Donovan, 35, of Milton, was arrested after he crashed his red scooter on Gallivan Boulevard in Dorchester.

FOX25 cameras were there for the arrest, and showed Donovan wearing the same t-shirt as a man seen robbing a Citizen’s Bank inside of a Quincy Stop & Shop two weeks ago. The shirt reads, “Mullet Removal Team.”

Security camera footage from the first robbery, on July 11, doesn’t look good for Donovan. If this all sounds a bit familiar, that’s because pretty much the same thing happened in December of ‘08 and January of this year. That’s when Darren M. Crosby pulled off a string of bank jobs in the Boston area while wearing a Red Sox “hanging socks” cap during most of them. He also was captured.

This seems to be becoming a trend, by the way.