he does not sell so well that his deal with G…

he does not sell so well that his deal with Gillette is worth $71 million, as they said it was).

SbB: How did you discover SbB? Rovell: I stumbled on it a couple years ago and I check the site about once a week. SbB: What sort of influence are internet sites like SbB having on the way fans view sports and athletes - and how the media covers them? Rovell: I think a site like SbB proves how much stuff is out there that a lot of us don’t see. The amount of content that is being pumped out is tremendous and the bottom line is there are not enough news aggregators like SbB that make sure we don’t miss the events that don’t have press conferences.

The HOUSTON CHRONICLE reports "one deciding factor" in Roger Clemens’ decision to return to the Astros "may have been son Koby, who signed with the Astros’ organization last year."

Clemens: “I don’t think I’d be here today if it weren’t for Koby’s situation." (sidebar: quote lifted from Shaquille O’Neal’s first Miami presser, circa July, 2004)

With that in mind, the BOSTON GLOBE cites a league source who said that one of the teams (see Red Sox) pursuing Clemens "tried to deal for Koby Clemens … in an attempt to entice Roger." A motivating factor that the media has inexplicably missed is Clemens’ longtime quest to be the second major league legend to be carved out of butter.

Based on his physique, obviously powered by a steady supply of donut oil, I’d say that the Rocket has plenty of fuel to catch Jim Rice for the honor.