HBO Bringing In Bengals For Next “Hard Knocks”

Last season, HBO attempted to entertain cable TV audiences with their hard-hitting, behind-the-scenes football expose series “Hard Knocks”, featuring the Dallas Cowboys. Despite the glut of must-see-TV personality types (T.O., Pacman, Romo + Jessica, etc.), the show wasn’t that compelling. (Or maybe it was - I never bothered to tune in. Probably because “Sex Games Cancun” was showing on Cinemax at the same time.)

Chad Johnson HBO

Anyway, HBO is rolling out another season of the show. And in attempt to get some more exciting & controversial footage, this year’s series will be all about the Cincinnati Bengals.

The SPORTING NEWS’ FIRST CUTS reports, and PRO FOOTBALL TALK confirms that the running jailhouse joke of the NFL will be trailed by HBO cameras throughout training camp this summer. Episodes are set to be shown in late July through August. Check local listings.

Oh, the promise of so much hilarity ensuing! Chad Ocho Cinco, Cedric Benson, Tank Johnson, Chris Henry - that is one primetime loony lineup. And who knows what other Bengal players with step up and become TV sensations that haven’t been seen since the last episode of “Cops”.

“Sex Games Cancun” might have to wait this summer. Or maybe a compromise can be reached. Since HBO owns Cinemax, why not bring in some tramps to training camp to film an offshoot series “Sex Games Cincinnati”? I’m sure the Bengals would enjoy the extra on-screen time.