HBO: Auburn’s Response To Ex-Player Allegations

Earlier today, I transcribed a portion of a segment from an upcoming HBO Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel special on college sports - to premiere Wednesday at 10p ET.

Stanley McClover accused Auburn of NCAA violations on HBO Real Sports

(McClover on his time at Auburn: “I destroyed my life.”)

That segment, hosted by Andrea Kremer, contained allegations by four former Auburn football players that included an Auburn assistant coach paying former starting Auburn offensive lineman Troy Reddick nearly $5,000 over two seasons to former Auburn starter and ex-NFL player Stanley McClover being paid $4,000 for a single-game performance against Alabama.

Also making allegations of activity that would be considered against NCAA rules were former Auburn football players Chaz Ramsey and Raven Gray.

At the end of Kremer’s segment, titled Pay for Play, the host read Auburn’s official response to HBO regarding the allegations by its former players:

The NCAA turned down repeated interview requests to discuss anything to do with illegal payments, despite new NCAA President Mark Emmert recently saying he wants to be more transparent with the media.

As for Auburn University, officials declined to comment on quote, “these alleged claims apparently made by a few former football players” and said, quote, “compliance with all NCAA and Southeastern Conference rules is a major emphasis and top priority for all of our athletic programs.

Here are some additional excerpts of the HBO Real Sports segment conclusion:

Kremer voiceover: “Whether it’s basketball or football at big time schools, it’ll be no easy task to really crack down on payments because it’s typically an all cash business and very few people want to talk about it, even among teammates, as Troy Reddick remembers.

Reddick on camera: “Guys will talk about all kinds of criminal activity but they won’t talk about that because that’s the system that was taking care of them. I believe a guy would talk about raping a girl before he would talk about getting money.”

McClover on camera: “It really turned me into a monster. When there’s no morals to what you’re doing, you’re just into getting money, I spent it cause I felt like I could get it right back. ‘(Speaking in third person) I don’t want to get a education, I don’t want to go to study hall, I want to get this money.’ It’s all about money. … The decision that I made, is hurting me right now. Now I’ve got to try to find a career, now I’ve got to try to find a way to educate myself so I can talk to people. I’m not proud of what I did and I’ve destroyed my life.

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