Haynesworth Crash Victim Now Wheelchair Bound

Albert Haynesworth, who just signed a $100 bazillion contract with the Redskins (that’s adjusted to be relative to the amount of money everyone else has right now), has literally hit a bump in the road. Unfortunately, that bump is Corey Edmonson, a guy who Haynesworth ran off the road in December. Al’s black Ferrari clipped Edmonson’s car, causing it to careen into a concrete barrier.

albert haynesworth

And even though Haynesworth has been indicted on two misdemeanor charges (one of which carries a maximum penalty of six months in jail), it appears as if he’s going to get off fairly light, considering that just four days before the accident he was cited for driving 103 in a 70 zone. And, when you consider what the victim of the accident is going through right now, it makes Haynesworth’s financial windfall (courtesy of Daniel Snyder) seem all that much more disgusting.

According to USA TODAY, Edmonson’s lawyer is claiming that his client is in bad shape, physically and financially. And, as of now, Haynesworth isn’t being held monetarily responsible for any of it:

An attorney for a man who was injured in a car accident with Albert Haynesworth says his client can’t walk or work, and that he has established a fund for the 25-year-old.

Jon Perry told the TENNESSEAN he has set up the Help Corey Edmondson Fund, and says Edmondson has been unable to pay his bills since the car crash on Dec. 13.

Here’s more info from that website, which is at www.helpcoreyedmonson.com:

After having multiple surgeries, he ultimately required hip replacement surgery. Edmondson still can only move by wheelchair or walker. To date, Edmondson’s medical and pharmacy bills exceed $230,000 and continue to increase. 

So why haven’t Edmonson and his lawyer filed a lawsuit against Haynesworth yet? Do they have to wait until the criminal charges are settled?

Haynesworth has been involved in a number of traffic incidents, which makes it a little disheartening that there might not be any really serious consequences for ruining the life of a 25-year-old guy struggling to get by:

District Attorney Kim Helper of Williamson County said Thursday that Haynesworth was indicted this week on charges of reckless driving and having expired registration.

Haynesworth, a former Tennessee Titan who signed with the Redskins last month, was released after surrendering Wednesday. Maximum punishment is six months and a $500 fine on the reckless driving charge and 30 days in jail and a $50 fine for the other charge.

While there is some potential for jail time, when does that ever actually happen? And those $550 in fines will really hit him in the wallet.

Will Roger Goodell or the Redskins have anything to say about this? The very least Haynesworth can do is pay this guy’s bills for him, considering he’s already admitted to causing the crash. How sad that the guy responsible for all of this — who has the money to pay for it — is sitting there with all his piles of cash while regular folks are scraping together some cash to donate to the victim via a website.