Hawks Coach Squawks About ESPNer’s Comments

Atlanta Hawks head coach Mike Woodson is a busy man these days. He just got done coaching his team to a not-so-epic Game Seven win against the Miami Heat, and now he’s got his hands even fuller trying to gameplan against LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Mike Woodson Jon Barry

With so much going on at the office, you wouldn’t think Woodson would have to time to hang out watching NBA analysis on ESPN. Turns out he does, and he was none too happy with what he heard come from ESPN analyst Jon Barry, who took some time out from cavorting with the Cuervo Girls to make some observations on the Hawks.

According to SPORTS RADIO INTERVIEWS, Barry said on ESPN that the Atlanta-Miami first round playoff series was the “worst ever,” an opinion hardly unique around the world of sports commentary. Rather than ignoring Barry or better, admit that the Hawks-Heat series was a steaming pile, Woodson took to Atlanta’s 790 THE ZONE airwaves to engage in a classic ad hominem:

Man, I could care less about what Jon Barry is saying.  That’s what he’s doing what he’s doing and we’re doing what we’re doing.  What he says don’t amount to nothing.  Again, I don’t even know why I’ve wasted my words on Jon Barry.  My focus right now is with my team and trying to get ready for Cleveland.  I’m trying to figure out what has he done in the league, really.  That’s just how I look at.  I’m moving on.

Mike, look. Most of us haven’t done anything in the league. That’s irrelevant. Anyone with a brain and a functioning set of eyeballs would agree that the Hawks-Heat series was nearly unwatchable.  790 THE ZONE knows a good story when they see it, though, and invited Barry on to respond to Woodson’s uncalled-for remarks. To his credit, Barry took the high road.

That’s alright.  If he wants to make a personal attack about what I’ve done in the league that’s fine.  I’m not in the league anymore.  That’s my job.  I get paid to not be on the fence and express my opinion on what I think is going to happen. 

I’m not attacking anyone personally.  If they play the way they played against the Miami Heat, they are not going to be able to win a game in this series.

I don’t think even Mike Woodson himself could argue with that. He’s got a date with the Cavs coming up tonight, though, so he might want to turn off the TV and work on the Herculean task of stopping the league’s Kia-driving MVP.