Hawk Skates White House, Panties Bunch At FOX

You, like us, might have a had a good chuckle over those pictures of Tony Hawk skating down a White House hallway. You might have thought it a bit of harmless fun; a great chance for Hawk, and a lighthearted moment for the administration. You must not work at Fox News.

Tony Hawk

(Nice photo, Zapruder)

Turns out the “balance” in “fair and balanced” has nothing to do with skateboarding. Also, it turns out that Tony Hawk’s rampant disregard for history and decorum has EVERYTHING to do with Iran. So Red State America, never the intended X Games audience, has another reason to rage at those skater kids with their long hair and their music and their Pogs and their rainbow parties and their Run DMC.

Greg Gutfield is the host of “Red Eye”, so it’s his job to be hyperbolic — the man ends every column with, “If you disagree with me, then you sir are worse than Hitler.”  So his tirade against Hawk (but really against Obama) could be viewed as manufactured outrage on a slow news day. Still, he actually wrote this:

Now, am I right to be pissed that some jackass is skateboarding through the White House while all this Iranian crap is going down?

I mean, have we as a nation finally succumbed to the idiocy of the MTV/Mountain Dew/”Road Rules,” backward hat and baggy short culture? Did I miss something or is the White House the setting for the next “Real World”? Where are the wallet chains? Is Hot Topic handling our foreign policy?

President Obama should be grounded for at least a week for letting Tony Hawk play in our house. Where in hell are the adults?

Also, get off Greg Gutfield’s lawn, you darn kids.

Hawk fired back via Twitter:

Wow, haters! My passion, the sport that made me who I am, has allowed me to live the American Dream, disrespects the White House? Not at all.

I did no damage, as I also saw cart and trolley wheels rolling along the same floor. Funny how football on the WH lawn yesterday = no drama

We try to be fair and balanced around here, but I’m going to have to side with Hawk on this one, despite “all this Iranian crap.” Maybe he should be the pundit; Hawk took shots at both sides:

The Prez did apologise for not having any ramps to skate on the grounds.