Harassing Hawk Ruffling Fans’ Feathers At Fenway

A visitor has taken up residence in Fenway Park, and has been harassing other attendees at the Boston ballpark. Is it some overzealous, obnoxious Red Sox fan (as if there’s any other)?

Fenway Park hawk

Not quite - it’s a hawk.

WBZ-TV reports that a pair of hawks have set up a nest right below the press box at the stadium. Wildlife officials believe one of the birds is the same feathered friend that has been roosting at various spots in the park since 2002.

But the taloned troublemaker has now begun to persecuting people.

A Connecticut girl was attacked by the hawk during a tour of Fenway on Thursday. And a construction worker said he saw the hawk go after a photographer the day before. The young student had been taken to the hospital by ambulance, but a Red Sox spokesperson said the girl is expected to be okay.

The aggressive attitude may be due to a discovery made in the latest nest - an egg. The hawk might be trying to protect its unborn hatching. Or maybe it’s just acting like a typical Sawx fan. (We kid because we love.)

Team officials say the Boston Animal Rescue League came by and removed the nest & egg. Unfortunately, there was a casualty:

Sadly, officials said the hawk’s egg was not viable after it had rolled off a knit cap the hawk had used inside the nest and didn’t survive the cold conditions.

Some momma bird’s gonna be wicked pissed. But the Sox hope the nest removal will keep the hawks away.

And if that doesn’t work, they can always call in this guy.

*UPDATE*: The name of the little girl swooped on by the Sawx’ Hawk? Alexa Rodriguez.