Hawaii Suspends Teary Coach McMacklin For Slur

Here’s another legacy that President Barack Obama is creating: whenever you put your foot in your mouth, it’s a “teachable moment.” See how much better and more positive that sounds than it being “really stupid and embarrassing?” See, everybody learns a valuable lesson and is better off for your idiotic statement having been made.

Greg McMackin

Hawaii football coach Greg McMackin certainly learned a valuable lesson at WAC media day earlier in the week: don’t expect journalists to not report the homophobic slur you used to describe Notre Dame players, no matter how nicely you ask. And now his “teachable moment” has received a grade from the school’s administration: F. The HONOLULU ADVERTISER says that McMackin has been suspended without pay for 30 days, which is expected to cost him almost $170,000 in salary. All of which made him cry. A lot.

Video of McMacklin’s weepy press conference after the jump:

Yowza. As his players who were at the press conference said, that was painful to watch. Either McMackin is the greatest actor to come out of Hawaii since Jack Lord or he’s sincerely sorry for what he said. Although it’s fair to say that no matter the reason for it, coaches who cry in public are generally hosed. Especially when they are blubbering as they talk about needing to show “leadership” qualities moving forward.

While the suspension is hurtful for McMakin, and it’s nice that some of the money will go towards hiring a school intern to help support the campus’ LGBT community, he still makes $1.1 million a year - we’re really talking about pocket change here. I say there’s only one way to make this right, and we all know what it is: let’s put the “Rainbow” back into Hawaii Rainbow Warriors the way it should be.

That’s right: we all remember when Hawaii dropped the “Rainbow” part of their nickname for fuzzy, ill-defined reasons that sure seemed like they were sick of the gay jokes. But if the school wants to make good with the LGBT community, they need to embrace them. And what better way to do it than going back to their original name?