Hawaii AD On The Way Out For Letting Jones Jolt

The HONOLULU STAR-BULLETIN reports that Hawaii athletic director Herman Frazier is saying aloha to his job:

Herman Frazier Hawaii AD

Frazier is expected to be removed from his position within the next 24 hours. One source says that if the AD doesn’t resign by then, he will be fired.

Frazier’s dismissal comes on the heels of June Jones leaving to take the head coaching job at SMU. But Jones’ jolt was seen as the last straw in a list of Warrior worries.

Many coaches & players have complained about the school’s shabby facilities. Critics weren’t impressed with the Warriors’ weak slate, bringing in teams like 1-AA Charleston Southern & Northern Colorado, while Frazier couldn’t find a 13th team to fill out the schedule. And many fans were upset with the strange decision to return some of the school’s allotment of Sugar Bowl tickets.

June Jones High Five

Worst of all was letting Jones go, who despite leading the best season in school history, wasn’t offered an extension to his contract that was expiring in June.

Frazier’s firing is not a complete surprise. Earlier this year, the AD was brought before state legislators to explain the sorry status of Hawaii’s athletic department.

Associate AD Carl Clapp will take over Frazier’s duties for the time being.