Have We Seen The Last of Miller/Morgan Team?

Name the baseball announcer you hate most. Odds are, 90% of you are either thinking of Chris Berman (who barely even qualifies anymore) or Joe Morgan. And for years now, Morgan has been infecting Sunday nights with his unique brand of self-congratulation and non-analysis. We sincerely pity his partner, the capable-if-mundane Jon Miller.

Miller and Morgan
(Credit for the image goes to Awful Announcing, to whom we also owe a hat tip for the story)

But it appears that our long national nightmare may be over, as Bob Raissman of the NEW YORK DAILY NEWS is reporting that the duo may have called their last game together:

Could the 19-year “Sunday Night Baseball” broadcasting partnership of ESPN’s Jon Miller and Joe Morgan be coming to an end? And will their ESPN Radio call of the Rays-Phillies World Series be the final chapter?

Well-embedded baseball moles contend the answer is “yes” to both questions. Both Morgan and Miller have two years left on their ESPN contracts, but that would not prevent a change.

Raissman says the plan is to move Morgan to the less-heralded Wednesday night telecast, while the most likely replacement for Morgan would be Rick Sutcliffe.

We’re genuinely hoping for this to be true, because while Sutcliffe isn’t great by any stretch, his–shall we say–jockularity would be a welcome respite from the stodgy fare Morgan provides. ESPN, after all, stands for “Entertainment and Sports Programming Network,” and there’s really nothing entertaining about Joe Morgan’s work; meanwhile, even if nothing that comes out of Sutcliffe’s mouth is at all smarter (hard to believe, but it can happen), it’ll at least be more fun for the viewers.

You’re one step closer, FIREJOEMORGAN.COM, but don’t you dare stop now. Not with the goal so close in sight.