Hasselback “Hitler” ‘Stache Keeps ‘Hawks Loose?

The SEATTLE POST-INTELLIGENCER reports that the Seahawks are in good spirits after learning that Matt Hasselbeck will be healthy for their first game of the playoffs, and apparently because of his rather questionable grooming choices.

Matt Hasselbeck

On Tuesday, “Hasselbeck he strolled through the locker room sporting only a mustache after shaving the early stages of a beard that adorned his face following Sunday’s game. … With only the mustache, the comparisons turned to ‘Reno 911,’ and even Hitler.

Seahawks wide receiver Nate Burleson said of the Hitler reference, “I could see that. That shows Matt’s in a good mood and knows how to keep everybody loose, and at the same time go out there and be a professional on the field.

We’re not sure who brought up the Hitler thing in the first place, as it appears in the P-I piece written by Clare Farnsworth that Hasselbeck had no intention of trying to look like Hitler. We don’t want to make too much of this, but what does looking like Hitler have to do with Hasselbeck being in a good mood and “keeping everybody loose?”