Harvick, Edwards Stage Epic NASCAR Slapfight

On Thursday, Kevin Harvick and Carl Edwards got a little catty while rain halted qualifying at Charlotte. Before we go any further, words can’t do this situation justice, so let’s get this picture out of the way.

Harvick Edwards fight

(Whoa! Careful there, Kimbo! Don’t hurt anyone!)

To recap, last weekend, Edwards caused a 12-car pileup that took out, among other drivers, Harvick. Harvick responded in a positively mature manner by calling Edwards a “pansy,” though we’re pretty sure Harvick would have chosen a slightly different word away from the media.

Edwards, feelings in tatters, left a sincerely contrite note to Harvick, ending in “Love, Carl.” Did I say sincere? Because I lied horribly. In this instance, “Love” means “I want to destroy your stupid face.”

The two drivers then met in the garage on Thursday, and that’s where the above picture comes from. No punches were thrown, apparently, so we’ll just go ahead and assume that’s because the fight was mere theatrics until somebody proves otherwise. “I’m so mad I could grab you but not punch you” doesn’t make an ounce of sense, after all.

So what’s the next fake fight in NASCAR? Tony Edwards Stewart vs. Old Country Buffet?