Harrison Tells Colts He’s Not Involved in Shooting

Indianapolis Colts wide receiver Marvin Harrison has been in contact with Colts owner Robert Irsay and head coach Tony Dungy to let them know that he did not participate in the shooting of a man outside his Philadelphia club with a gun owned by Harrison. Philadelphia police emphasize that Harrison is not currently a suspect and is cooperating fully in the investigation.

Marvin Harrison doing his best O.J. Simpson

Well… hell. This must be heartbreaking for so much of the media for it to go all sideways on them like the Ray Lewis murder trial-that-wasn’t. They even had their covers ready:

Don’t mind the Photoshop work. After all, TIME didn’t.

Between the questionable dredging of Harrison’s past to show his clear violent tendencies (that weren’t so clear, really) and rough family history to the emphasis on the seediness of the area where Harrison owns his businesses to the notion that he was the target of a gang hit gone awry, many media members really had their hopes up for this one.

Too bad, we guess… hey, what’s Pacman done today?

(As an aside: we don’t have any conclusions on this one, either. It’s an ongoing investigation, which we respect. It’s the reaction to an ongoing investigation that we don’t.)

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