Harkleroad’s BF Helped Negotiate Playboy Deal

The 65th-ranked womens tennis player in the world, Ashley Harkleroad took some time out from losing matches to talk to ESPN THE MAGAZINE about tennis and her PLAYBOY spread, but mostly her PLAYBOY spread.

Ashley Harkleroad Playboy cover

After three questions about tennis, simply to say they spoke about tennis, ESPN THE MAGAZINE’s Ted Bauer gets in to the reason why anyone outside of the hardcore tennis fan even knows Harkleroad’s name. From Bauer’s questions, we learn that Harkleroad’s boyfriend helped negotiate the deal with PLAYBOY.

She says, “My boyfriend and my agents negotiated the deal for me. It’s something entirely different than playing tennis, and I enjoy being in front of a camera. It’s just a different avenue and I wanted to see where it could take me, so I accepted it.”

Later in the interview she tells us that the very same boyfriend doesn’t read PLAYBOY. The 23 year-old tennis player says, “He doesn’t read it. If he did, though, I wouldn’t be bothered by it. I don’t tend to get jealous in that way. If you need to have fun, go have fun, you know? (laughs)”

Way to be subtle Ashley.

The cover girl also gave us some insight on her favorite music, “You can’t go wrong with Jay Z or Akon; I’m obsessed with Akon right now, because I just saw a TV special on him.

Actually you can go wrong with Akon, just ask this guy.

We learned from DEADSPIN that the safe-for-work version of Ashley’s spread can be found at the WTA Tennis Blog.