Hardy Faces Felony; ‘Got In Bed’ With Daughter?

More details are emerging from today’s arrest of L.A. Kings assistant coach Mark Hardy. The ASSOCIATED PRESS reports the misdemeanor sexual assault charge reportedly levied by Hardy’s 21-year-old daughter has been upgraded to a felony.

Mark Hardy Accused Of Sex Crime By Daughter

He was taken into custody overnight at the Mayflower Hotel. Police said the complaint came from a woman in her 20s who claimed to be a relative of Hardy’s.

The woman said she and Hardy and several other people went to a bar to drink. They walked back to hotel, and she said she went into the bathroom to change into a T-shirt and shorts to go to bed. At some point, she says he got in bed with her, and she woke up.

Hardy is set to be arraigned Friday unless he posts bail.

So far D.C. police have not indicated the level of evidence found from the alleged incident. It is noteworthy though that the original misdemeanor charge has been discarded in favor of a felony.

The Los Angeles Kings issued an earlier statement that said, “We are aware of the charge. Due to the legal nature of this matter, we will not have any additional comments at this time.

The L.A. TIMES previously reported today that though the alleged victim of the sexual assault has not been confirmed by D.C. police, Hardy has a daughter in school at nearby Georgetown University.