Harbaugh To Take Bite Of NFL’s Poop Sandwich?

Jim Harbaugh is one of the bright young coaching lights in college football, having completely turned around Stanford’s program in 18 months. So why is he now tiptoeing around football’s bottomless pit? (See Black Hole.)

Al Davis Jim Harbaugh

(No word if Davis requires Harbaugh’s first-born to secure head coaching job)

The SAN JOSE MERCURY NEWS reports that the Raiders are very interested in talking with Harbaugh about becoming their next coach.”

When confronted by the media about the report, Harbaugh neither confirmed nor denied his interest. I wonder who that’s worse news for, the coach or the Cardinal.

Harbaugh, in typical coach-speak, speaking at a press conference about the Stanford-Oregon game on Saturday.

“I have given no thought to any other job than the one I have. I haven’t talked to anybody or anything like that. I hope this doesn’t get to be like the quarterback question — like who’s your starting quarterback. That would get real repetitive.”

In other words, he’s interested.

It would be a sad move for Harbaugh that would likely throw his promising career in reverse. But he hasn’t been above bad decisions in the past, having been charged with DUI and burned a bridge to his alma mater Michigan.

His brother John, who has a much lower football profile than Jim, is currently head coach of the Baltimore Ravens. So knowing the Raiders’ situation and his brother’s current station in life, wouldn’t you think Harbaugh would wait until a better job comes along?

Harbaugh, who is a former Raiders assistant, might just shock everyone and take it. Don’t be surprised.

UPDATE: Florio thinks it’s a ploy to bilk the Cardinal. Which I’m all for if true.

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