Harassment Details You Might Not Care To Know

The ongoing saga of fired college volleyball coach Jaye Flood has taken another turn, with former Florida Gulf Coast University players revealing they weren’t exactly broken up about losing her.

Jaye Flood

This is neither here nor there, and it does not impact someone’s ability to coach volleyball (which Flood apparently did with some level of success), but the hotties tag will not be used on this post. But harassment? Oh, we have that. From the NAPLES DAILY NEWS:

“The Daily News has learned that five of six players who turned in voluntary evaluations were critical of the winningest coach in the school’s history who has since been dismissed by the university. ‘The worst coaching I have ever experienced,’ wrote one player. ‘We were not coached the whole season. She was on the phone all the time. She did nothing productive. She played favorites, she is lazy and we did the same drills every day. She did not make anyone better, she just recruited well.’ … FGCU President Wilson Bradshaw fired Flood on Jan. 22 after a four-month internal investigation resulted in his conclusion that Flood had been involved in an inappropriate relationship with a student-athlete, that she had abused the time of the team’s student manager and had violated the school’s sexual harassment policies. That followed a Flood’s filing of a federal lawsuit claiming sexual discrimination and retribution for voicing gender equity concerns.”

So Flood was like Isiah Thomas, except she won.