Hank Williams Officially Qualified To Be President

Case you haven’t noticed, we started a new thing today on SbB called the “Speed Read.” If you check it every morning (posted at 8:30a ET) , you won’t miss a damn thing from the night before and early AM (we’re west coast, get it?). We’ve also jammed a poll in there for your amusement, and we’re encouraging comments. So have at it.

Hank Williams Sarah Palin Both Qualified To Be President

This weekend I’ll be at Blogworld in Vegas, so if anyone is going, let me know. I’m a little down that I won’t be able to see my Dawgs throttle A-State in nearby Tempe (courtesy discounted ducats from My Boy Barry), but if you’re going to miss that, the Olympic Gardens Vegas is the next best thing.

One of my favorite sites, SPORTS BUSINESS DAILY, has an unintentionally hilarious interview with Hank Williams, Jr., today about his longtime role on Monday Night Football. Hank claims to be a sports fan, but things got a little hairy when SBD pressed him about the details. 

Q: Who’s your baseball team?

Williams: Chicago Cubs. But they smell so bad recently that I don’t want to talk about them. I mean, come on, what has it been? One hundred and twenty years? Talk about really ruining your week. Are they going to blow it or what? I don’t know.

Q: Do you blame BARTMAN?

Williams: Who?

Q: Steve Bartman. The Cubs fan who tried to catch a foul ball in the playoffs that a Cubs outfielder was going after.

Williams: Oh, that was back six or eight years ago? I thought we already won. I don’t even want to talk about that. It’s unbelievable.

Hey, an honest mistake. I know plenty of Cubs fans who’ve done all they can to forget Bartman. And I’m sure that’s what happened here.

This case is absolutely nothing like what our future Veep recently encountered. (And to all the politico Kool-Aid drinkers: Lighten the F up. )