Baby Boss Hank Declares War On Red Sox Nation

We can be serious: John McEnroe needs a ticket & a cab - and a friend.

• Baby Boss Hank Steinbrenner declares war on Red Sox Nation:

Hank Steinbrenner Red Sox dog

• Michigan’s women’s basketball coach is not too pleased in the post-game.

• No noose is good noose outside Kelly Tilghman’s old house.

• One Arizona fan tries to cool off USC by throwing a water bottle.

Amanda Beard is among the sports stars getting behind Mr. Buttwasher.

Brent Musberger can’t wait to check out Erin Andrews on YouTube:

Erin Andrews Brent Musberger

• Speaking of the sideline siren, meet NASCAR’s version - Nicole Manske.

• A young soccer player gets impaled by the goal post.

Miguel Batista sure likes Kenny G.

• Playing the name game in minor league ball.