Hank Aaron: Barry Bonds Can Keep His HR Crown

So much for Bud Selig’s idea about taking back the home run crown that Barry Bonds stole from Hank Aaron two years ago. As soon as the Commish started talking about the idea, Aaron, magnanimously, shot down the idea as a pretty silly idea.

hank aaron
(The Hammer always keeps it classy.)

For the second straight day, the ATLANTA JOURNAL-CONSTITUTION got the home run record scoop, with Aaron speaking openly about the mark with Terence Moore. More than anything else, what shines through is just how classy Aaron really is. Given yet another chance to defame Bonds, he took the high road, focusing on what a great player Bonds was, and how he would have been a great player whether he took steroids or not.

Aaron’s statement was significant for a handful of reasons. Most importantly, it should finally quiet any talk of erasing Bonds from the record books. After all, how could Selig move forward with stripping Bonds if Aaron doesn’t feel he deserves his to get his record back?

It also should keep Selig from retroactively re-writing the entire history of the game, starting with the home run records and working back, one Roger Clemens Cy Young at a time. That will never work, and Aaron knows it.

That a legendary home run hitter would instinctively realize that re-writing record books was a horrible precedent but the league commissioner wouldn’t, well, that’s a different troubling story for a different time. At the moment, we should all just relax with the piece of mind that America’s pastime won’t spend the next five years dredging up its past and trying to tell us that everything we saw in the 90s never really happened.