Ex-NFL Brothers Prove Idiocy Runs In The Family

It looks like former NFL players Troy and Darren Hambrick have some sort of competition brewing between themselves to see which one could be the sleaziest loser. Troy (ex-Cowboy, ex-Cardinal) had surged into the lead last year by getting sentenced to five years in jail for selling crack cocaine. That’s called “throwing down the gauntlet” to his brother.

Hambrick brothers Darren Troy

(Hambrick brothers Darren [L] and Troy [R])

But the ST. PETERSBURG TIMES reports that Darren (ex-Cowboy, ex-Brown, ex-Panther) might have surged ahead with his latest misadventure. He has been arrested and charged with raping his girlfriend and holding her hostage in their house for more than 11 hours. That’s going to be a tough act for Troy to follow - especially from jail. Someone should give Troy a pat down and check for shivs, just to be sure.

According to police reports, Darren Hambrick got into an argument with his live-in girlfriend late Friday night that quickly turned violent. She claims that Hambrick had sex with her against her will while Hambrick covered her face with a pillow and punching or slapping her in the head at least 15 times.

And when she tried to run away, Hambrick’s girlfriend says he chased after her and carried her back into the house. He allegedly also took her cell phone and house phones away so she couldn’t call 911, and repeatedly threw her back down onto the bed so many times that “eventually, the bed frame snapped in half..”

This isn’t Hambrick’s first run in with the law. He’s currently serving probation after being charged with assaulting his previous girlfriend and preventing her children from calling 911. (Sense a pattern here?)  And his legal problems eventually chased him out of football. But this is what happens when you try to cash a paycheck from the Carolina Panthers twice after claiming it was lost: that tends to be looked at by teams as a “character flaw.”

I don’t know if there are any other Hambricks who play football coming up through the Florida youth system, but I would be a little leery if I was a college recruiter or NFL team looking to draft one. Unless it’s the Raiders: I can’t see how that could go wrong at all.