Hallelujah, Syracuse Fans: Greg Robinson Axed

Upstate New York, your long, regional nightmare is over. Greg Robinson, architect of the most frightening program collapse since, like, ever, has finally been fired. The firing is effective at the end of the season, which is mercifully near.

Mikhail Marinovich hookah
(”Our coach just got fired? I’ll smoke to that!”)

Calling Robinson’s resume “abysmal” would be a genuine compliment; his 9-36 record is Syracuse’s worst in modern football history and it’s unlikely that he ever coaches another game. His offenses are miserable, player attrition is high, and his players are even opening up hookah bars now.

As for replacements, well, who knows? Lane Kiffin’s name gets thrown around, since he has nothing better to do, but why? He was a pretty good assistant at USC and a total joke at Oakland. That’s hardly a change-the-game resume (speaking of resumes, we found Greg Robinson’s). After that, what? Will Muschamp isn’t going up there. David Cutcliffe turned down Tennessee; why would he go to Syracuse? Maybe Bobby Petrino’s got a nice case of wanderlust again. You never know.

Last, if this far-too-late canning lets Syracuse’s athletic director, DOCTOR Darryl Gross, off the hook, that’s an injustice that’ll only prolong the agony. Gross has been, well, grossly terrible at the helm of the Syracuse athletic department, and he routinely draws boos from the Syracuse crowd. Robinson had to go, absolutely, but we wonder if his hiring and continued employment was only another symptom of a larger infection of incompetence.