Hall of Famer On N.O.: ‘Hit That Town Like Katrina’

Pro Football Weekly on TV is in its 22nd season in syndication. The Chicago-based show airs weekly throughout the NFL season and features analysis from PFW publisher/editor Hub Arkush, NFL Hall of Famer Dan Hampton and former Bears receiver Tom Waddle.

Dan Hampton makes Hurricane Katrina comment about New Orleans Saints

(Thank to Glenn Davis at Sports Grid for the tip)

During the show close this week, the panelists were supposed to give their prediction for the NFL’s Week 1 Minnesota Vikings-New Orleans Saints game.

Hampton though, never got to the Saints.

“If you watched that playoff game last year the Vikings need to hit that town like Katrina. I think the Vikings go down there and get it down.”

Hit that town? Everyone screws up and if you read this site, you know I’m anything but politically correct.

But that’s beyond an innocent slip of the tongue.

Don’t know what’s worse: Hampton saying what he said or the show’s producers not re-shooting that segment before the show was sent out to affiliates. (Or re-sent if it was fed live - to prevent Hampton’s comments from airing.)

This is the second time Hampton has said something really inappropriate on the show, but I don’t expect anything will be done unless the stations taking the show squawk about it.

Arkush can do what he wants with his show but with Hampton’s track record, he may not have a show before too long if Hampton keeps this up.

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