Half-Nude Ned Colletti Getting A Tattoo? Gotcha

Like you, I’ve always been a big fan of Dodgers GM Ned Colletti. But my appreciation for Colletti has nothing to do with his oft-lauded, front office manuevers. (Lifting the phone off the receiver when the Red Sox called to hand over Manny, brilliant!)

Ned Colletti Festival of Fake Hair

(Veritable Festival of Ferrets)

You see, every day Colletti straps on the best wig in sports (sorry Karl Ravech!).

Ned Colletti Gets A Tattoo

(We all wish Ned would go topless but not what I had in mind)

Even better though than his well-coiffed toupee, Colletti recently got inked by a tattoo artist who doubles as a diehard Dodger fan. Delightful results are after the jump.

Photo of Colletti getting tattooed at a place called True Blue Tattoo on Hollywood Blvd. My favorite shot:

Ned Colletti Sign Manny Tattoo

Is it a fake? You figure it out.

Is Ned Colletti’s “Sign Manny” Tat fake?

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I’m inclined to think the above photo isn’t real, and that Colletti got this one done up instead:

Vin Scully Tattoo

(Girlfriend actually prefers her Rick Monday tramp stamp)

And here’s Colletti’s son Lou with tattoo artist and mad Dodger fan Landon Heynes:


Heynes actually has a huge tattoo of Lasorda on his right forearm …

Tommy Lasorda Tattoo

… which is good for a lifetime pass to Jumbo’s Clown Room (weekdays before 9).