Half-Brother Of El Duque Murdered Five Women

Miami’s EL NUEVO HERALD reports this afternoon that the man responsible for the worst mass murder in the history of the city of Hialeah, Fla., has been identified as the half-brother of former Major League pitcher Orlando “El Duque”‘ Hernandez.

Gerardo Regalado Molina Photos

Authorities have identified Gerardo Regalado, 38 years and half brother of the famous baseball player Orlando “El Duque”Hernandez, as the author of a fierce gunbattle that left five dead, including his girlfriend, on Sunday night at a restaurant in Hialeah.

Regalado apparently committed suicide blocks from the mass killing.

Among those Regalado allegedly gunned down at Yoyito’s Cafe was his girlfriend, Liazan Molina, 24, Hialeah police said.

Regalado is the half-brother of the former New York Yankee pitcher. The two had the same mother.

The Herald also has reaction from Hernandez.


“Sometimes I want to look up words and can not find them. My family has suffered, but I want, above all, send my condolences to the families who lost loved in this tragedy. Nobody has the right to take anyone’s life. Only God.”

“He and I got away a little, but always be my brother. At times it was one thing, sometimes another. It was somewhat problematic because I want to educate my children in the healthiest possible environment. But it would always be my brother. It is a very painful feeling, that one party to the heart.”

“Deep down, I feared that one day received a notice like that,. I have to take stock of peace and fairness to concentrate. I only ask of God the strength to leave behind this bitter moment.”

Regalado and Molina had reportedly broken up two weeks earlier, a situation that left Hernandez’s half-brother “desperate.”

You can listen to the 911 calls of the tragic incident here: (1, 2)