Hal Steinbrenner Admits Yankees Tix ‘Overpriced’

Only a few more days before the new Yankee Stadium officially opens for business! Well, actually, it’s only one more day until the Yanks host the Cubs in an exhibition game at the brand new ballpark. But the real season at the Stadium doesn’t start until April 16 - before that, the Yankees must visit Baltimore, Kansas City & Tampa Bay.

Yankee Stadium inside NY logo

That means there’s still plenty of time to buy tickets. And luckily there are still plenty of seats available - because the prices are too damn high. (Unless you think an average price of $237 per seat is reasonable. How about a one-game suite for $2,625? Or $320 for an obstructed-view seat? And who would build stadiums with obstructed views anyway these days? It’s 2009, not 1909.)

But don’t worry - Hal Steinbrenner feels your pain. The Yankees’ general partner admits some amounts they’re charging may be a bit excessive.

From the AP:

“I think if anybody in any business had known where this economy was going to go, they would have done things differently,” Steinbrenner said. “Look, there’s no doubt small amounts of our tickets might be overpriced.”

Gee, if only Hal could do something about that, such as lower a few prices here and there. It’s not like he owns the team or anything.

But maybe the Yankees are really concerned for their consumers, after all. Over on their official site, the team has a Fan Value Corner, offering a plethora of ticket purchasing plans hoping to save fans some dough they can then spend at the Stadium’s in-house produce market.

Hold on - each offer seems to be accompanied by an asterisk. What’s the catch?

* Excludes all Premium Games. PREMIUM GAMES: For the 2009 Regular Season, “Premium Games” is defined as the Opening Day Game, the Old-Timers’ Day Game and all Games played against the Boston Red Sox, Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, Cleveland Indians, Philadelphia Phillies and New York Mets.

The Yanks consider Cleveland a ‘premium’ opponent? The Indians should feel very proud.

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