Habs, Maple Leafs Fans Hold Disturbing Wedding

There’s nothing inherently wrong with fans of opposing teams co-mingling. Even sexing each other up, sometimes that’s okay. For example, just this past weekend, I wore this shirt to the Iowa-ISU game, even with an ISU alumna on my arm*. Hell, there are plenty of married couples who, for whatever reason, root for different sides of a rivalry. These things happen; fandom usually isn’t that important.

Canadiens and Maple Leafs Wedding
(”Canadiens”? Maple “Leafs”? Okay, as long as we’re taking liberties with spelling here, can we say they’re being joined in Hoaly Matremony?)

“Usually,” as you can probably figure out, is the operative word here. After all, if you’re so devoted to a team that you feel the need to wear their jersey to your wedding day, there’s probably some larger issues with your relationship with reality and the outside world at work here. Marrying someone wearing an opposing jersey, then, cannot be a good move.

Per PUCK DADDY, who to our knowledge has never fathered a puck of any sort:

Longtime Puck Daddy reader Alex Phlipsak sent over these wedding photos from his marriage to Marissa Skinner in D.C. last week: The groom decked out in a personalized Montreal Canadiens jersey, the bride in her personalized Toronto Maple Leafs sweater. (Alex is currently waiting on a name-change to Skinner.) He said “33″ is simply his favorite number and hers is “22″; numerical connections to Patrick Roy and Francois Beauchemin notwithstanding.

Let’s give the newly married couple this much credit: they chose two of the Original Six. This is no trifling matter; in this day of franchise movement, the last thing you want is to have your “wedding dress” rendered obsolete by a money-hungry millionaire. For example, had someone been married a decade ago in, say, a Winnipeg Jets jersey, there would have been an awful lot of questions to answer years down the road.

Child: Mommy, don’t people usually wear wedding dresses when they get married?
Mother: Why yes, but your father and I wanted to do something new, so we wore our favorite hockey teams’ jerseys instead.
C: (confused) But… I don’t even recognize your jersey. Who are the “Jets”?
M: Oh, that’s Winnipeg. They used to have an NHL team!
C: What happened to it?
M: Oh, well, they moved it down to the hottest metropolis in the USA and it collapsed financially in less than a decade. The NHL decided that was better than continuing to have a team in Winnipeg.
C: Hmmm. Is that why Daddy left us?
M: Yes, my child. I regret the decision to this day. We should have just worn normal wedding clothes like normal people.

Ah well. If they’re happy, let ‘em be happy. Also, considering what teams we’re talking about here, it’s not like the Stanley Cup is ever going to factor into their marriage.

*If this seems somewhat counter-intuitive, it is. Do I contradict myself? Very well, I contradict myself. I am large, I contain multitudes.