Headline: Boning Up For Women Athletes’ Pep Talk

Headline of the day (so far), courtesy of REUTERS:

Boning up female athletes headline

You’d have to be pretty emboldened to prepare for a speech to the ladies in that fashion. Wonder what Olympians are part of this particular pep talk.

Jennie Finch?

Jennie Finch

Amanda Beard?

Amanda Beard

Victoria Pendelton?

Victoria Pendleton with cycling insert

Wait, she’s British. Still, she could probably use some goo ol’ American pep.

On a side note, the byline of the REUTERS article caught our eye:

Larry Fine byline

It’s Larry Fine! One of the Three Stooges!

Larry Fine Three Stooges

Good to see he’s finally out from under the shadow of Moe.

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