Funniest joke from Jay Leno in a loooong time…

Funniest joke from Jay Leno in a loooong time: "American Idol’ got a record 65 million votes. Sixty-five million votes! Did you see that dress on Paula Abdul? Oh my God. I haven’t seen cleavage like that since Randy Jackson got his gastric bypass surgery."

One more: "A baby was born from 21-year-old frozen sperm. I didn’t even know Ted Williams was dating again."

Joe Theismann (pronounced THEEZ-min) decided this week on Toronto sports radio to viciously rip into Ricky Williams, calling him a disgrace to football.

Theisman: "He’s insulted the Miami Dolphins after they took him back and gave him a chance to play. Now he insults the intelligence of everybody that thinks that doing drugs is OK. It’s the wrong message to send to kids. It’s the wrong thing to be doing."

Ricky should take the criticism very seriously, since Theismann certainly has credibility when it comes to:

A)"the wrong message to send to kids": In a book written by divorce lawyer Mark A. Barondess, the attorney "represented Joe Theismann’s wife in a divorce case that revealed the NFL star told her he committed adultery ‘because God wants Joe Theismann to be happy.’"

B) "the wrong thing to be doing": Co-starring with Charles Nelson Reilly and Dom Deluise in Cannonball Run II.

An anonymous ESPNer also once revealed to SbB some Bristol-born, Theismann-related vernacular: Theismann is notorious for stealing information from his ESPN colleagues and using it as his own, on-air.

Theismann’s thievery is so rampant that now whenever an ESPN employee has something stolen from him/her, they refer to it as "getting Joe’d".