Funky Winkerbean Drops Bomb On Browns

MARK TRAIL NOW SOON TO CALL OUT CAROLINA PANTHERS: DAWGS BY NATURE naughtily reports “In a recent panel of the somewhat popular comic strip ‘Funky Winkerbean’, the Cleveland Browns were the primary focus! Unfortunately, we were on the receiving end of a punch-line that fans are tired of hearing.”

Funky Winkerbean Comic Browns Beatdown

Funky Winkerbean bagging on the Browns? What’s next, Family Circus dropping the hammer on the Detroit Lions? (knowing KSK, it’s only a matter of time).

In the same blog post, this pearl is linked from our favorite rust-belt reporter, Terry Pluto: “It would be shocking if (Brady) Quinn starts early in the season.

Brady Quinn

Wot? Did the planet-less one somehow miss this BQ middle school fumble recovery hilite (what happened to his wheels)?

Larry Brown Maurice Cheeks ABA

With press passed observations like that, Pluto might consider retiring to a sequel of his wonderful (no, really) accounting of the wild ‘n woolly days of the rainbow-sweatered Larry Brown.