Fun Photos of Football Wives and Girlfriends Erin Andrews Interview

• NEWS OF THE WORLD flashes some fun photos of famous football WAGs (maybe NSFW, unless you’re in the plumbing business):

Abbey Clancy bath WAG

• YOU BEEN BLINDED catches up with Tyrone Hughes, the ex-NFL DB whose been busy taking nude photos of himself and making death threats.• CZABE.COM is not enthralled with the way the BCS is shaping up.

DEADSPIN tips us to ONE MORE DYING QUAIL quacking out a heart-to-heart with the lovely Erin Andrews:

Erin Andrews

• THE SPORTS HERNIA keeps a head in the news of the Fox football robot turning into Ichabod Crane.• HOCKEY BLOG IN CANADA sweats over the new Reebok jerseys heating up the NHL.