Strange Sights Among Sunday’s London Marathon

While Tiger Woods & crew were leisurely walking around Augusta (shouting obscenities along the way), there was much more movement across the pond on Sunday, as the London Marathon raced around town. (”Look, kids! Big Ben! Parliament!“)

London Marathon Star Wars stormtrooper

(TK-421 racing back to his Death Star post)

While congrats are in order for Martin Lel winning the race for the third time in four years - in a new record time, even - there were many more sublime sights & scenes to enjoy among the 35,000-strong contestants.

Here, a group of Maasai warriors from Tanzania are seen completing the 26-mile trek in full gear (hope they didn’t kill any cows along the way):

Maasai Warriors London Marathon

Some runners suffer athlete’s foot, but this guy’s concerned with camel toe:

London Marathon camel costume

But most revealing of all what this gentelman’s get-up:

Borat costume London Marathon

The LANCASHIRE EVENING POST explains that the Borat-inspired jogging suit was the runner’s way to expose his true feelings about China’s recent actions in Tibet - going as far as to inscribe “Free Tibet” on his almost-bare behind.

Borat swimsuit

UPI additionally reports that a gas leak forced a quick detour of the marathon route. Based on the jogger above, we have a good idea of the leak’s source.

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